"Friendships & connections are formed and grow by spending time together, and the goal of Girl-Friends is to give women the opportunities to do just that, and to have fun! Let's do life together, so that when the tough times come we are connected and then speak into one another's lives"  

_Donna Stout

Donna Stout

She loves all things creative, and painting, sewing, quilting, and forming pottery are her current artistic adventures of choice. She also enjoys writing, and secretly has a novel in the works that is currently still just a short story, but may someday grow up to become an actual Book.

Her favorite times involve storytelling and laughter among friends and family, especially the old familiar stories that everyone has heard a thousand times, like the one about someone who did something ridiculously embarrassing, and they laugh along as they tell it to spread joy to everyone else.

She believes that true joy and fulfillment in healing come as gifts from the Lord, and that He gave us one another to grow, cry, laugh, and share with along the journey of life, helping each other over the rough spots.